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How does it work?

It’s simple – get in touch and tell us what help you’d need. We can do everything from managing the whole bid, providing support to your in-house bid team, or simply completing a review or final edit.

Once we know exactly what you need, we’ll provide an upfront quote and let you know the next steps.


How much does the average bid cost?

There is no average! Tender responses can range from a simple questionnaire, to a quality submission stretching to thousands of words. We simply charge for our time; based on the work involved for each individual tender, and provide a quote upfront.

100% of our clients say our service is good/great value for money.


How will you know what to write about us?

Put simply, we’ll ask and you’ll tell us. You’re the experts in what you do, and we’re the experts in writing your information in a way that will score as highly as possible. We’ll get the information we need from you, then craft it in to a winning bid.


Can you make sure we win it?

The average tender win rate is around 30%, our win rate is over 80%.

We’ll ensure you’re in with the best chance of winning by writing your proposition in a way that convinces the evaluator to award you maximum points. We’ll also provide expert advice on making your bid / no bid decision to ensure you’re only pursuing ‘winnable’ tenders.

Win or lose, we’ll ensure you get feedback on your tender to improve your future bids.


Can you do the whole thing so that I don’t need to be involved?

We can do as much or little as you need. We can provide process management, solution design, facilitation, authoring, editing, document design, document production, bid submission, monitoring of clarification questions, evaluation of feedback and support around knowledge management.

We’ll still need some input from you to understand your proposed approach and your pricing model – though we’ll make this as painless as possible.


Is it worth it?

Yes, tendering can be very lucrative providing you bid for the right opportunities (we can help you identify these). Our clients can expect an ROI of at least £1,000 for each £1 spent.

In the last 12 months, one of our medium-sized clients has enjoyed an ROI of over 14,000% from a 75% win rate (securing over £1.15m of contracts from a spend of £8k); another has won contracts valued at £23m from a £106k spend, utterly transforming both organisations.


Do we really need to go to all this effort?

Yes – tendering is a competition and bids are often won and lost by fractions of a %. Evaluators know the difference between a thrown-together response and a well thought-out, quality, professionally written bid response. If you’re not willing to put the effort in, you simply won’t stack up against your competitors who will give it 100%.


Can you help us with the price, too?

We can help you understand the pricing response document, and can certainly assist with pricing strategy, but the price itself if down to you.


Can you tell me why I haven’t won bids in the past?

One of our services is to review your previously submitted bids, scoring it using the evaluation criteria provided with the bid. We’ll then provide you with a comprehensive report including rationale for the scoring, our findings and improvement suggestions.

If you have buyer feedback, we can help you understand this (requesting further detail if needed) and advise on how to use feedback to implement improvements on your future bids.


We’ve been bidding for a while, what more can Onto the Page add?

For experienced bidders, we offer a range of services to help refresh your bidding approach which can improve your win rate, bid capacity, writing skills, and knowledge management system.

We complete a lot of bid reviews for our clients who write their own submissions; no matter how long you’ve been bidding, it’s always good to have a fresh pair of eyes to review your bid submissions, especially when those eyes belong to a team of expert bid consultants!


The deadline’s in a few days, is there enough time?

This completely depends on the response requirements, i.e. how much information do you need to provide, and your availability to complete the pricing and provide us with the information required. We’ll tell you honestly if you there is enough time left to submit not just a compliant bid, but a winning one.

We often work to tight deadlines, and have the capacity to assign additional members of the bid team to help on a tender if needed.

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