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Managing the bid process

We’re bid specialists, helping our clients to find opportunities, bid for them and win contracts.

How we help is entirely down to our clients.


Creating compelling corporate literature

Our expertise is in written communications, so, if you need help with a marketing communications campaign, or if you just need help drafting a letter to your customers, we can help with that too.


Getting you in the best possible shape

We offer a range of bid training options to suit your needs, including seminars and workshops and tailored training for individuals or groups.


Finding your ideal contract opportunity

We can help you to look for public sector contracts both large and small to meet your specified criteria.

Finding your ideal contract opportunity

Writing winning awards

Our competitive business writing skills mean we can write compelling award submissions giving you the best possible chance of winning.


Knowledge Management

We’ve designed an information sharing and storage solution that helps you to produce high quality bids, fast.

If you need support with your content management, we can help with that too.


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Achieving ISO9001:2015 certification! by Sarah Heyes

We’re delighted that our Quality Management System is now certified to ISO9001:2015 international standards.

When we started this journey, our priority wasn’t getting a certificate, it was building a Quality Management System that would allow us to deliver the best service to our clients. Now, our clients benefit from:

  • Assurance that our management systems are externally assessed and certified.
  • A continuously improving service; our customer satisfaction is currently 100%.
  • A consistent, customer focused approach, no matter who you deal with.
  • Having all your expectations met, with a ‘right first time’ delivery.
  • A better chance of success; our win rate is an enviable 80%.
  • Efficient, speedy resolutions to complaints
  • Better value for money; we’ve refined our systems to ensure maximum efficiency across our services.

Achieving this certification hasn’t been easy, especially as we’ve done this alongside writing hundreds of bids over the last year! However, the experience has really allowed us to relate to our clients who are beginning their route to certification. In a competitive market, especially in the public sector, having ISO certifications are often the difference between winning or losing a contract.

We’re so proud of our achievement. To see the benefits it has brought, and continues to bring, has made all the hard work worth it. Thank you to our team, and to everyone who has provided guidance and support along the way!

Knowledge Management: the key to efficient bidding

Knowledge Management: the key to efficient bidding

If you’re one of the lucky people who doesn’t have a Christmas or early January bid deadline, you might already be planning some tasks you can get done in a quieter period when the phones aren’t ringing and your email inbox isn’t going into meltdown. One thing you could use the time for is to…

Scared of public sector bidding? by Sarah Heyes

Scared of public sector bidding? by Sarah Heyes

  Halloween is here again, and while you’re probably not so scared of vampires and monsters anymore, there’s still something that might send a shudder up your spine – tendering. What is it that’s so off-putting about tendering to the public sector? The most common reason we’ve found it that the whole process seems quite…

How to write the perfect method statement by Emma Jaques

How to write the perfect method statement by Emma Jaques

The best method statements are based on a simple checklist that ensures you don’t miss anything vital. Plan out the structure of your statement, starting with a high level version, adding in the detail at the next stage. That way, it will be obvious to you what’s known and what’s unknown, as well as which…

Starting a knowledge base – what you need to know by Kate Gregory

Starting a knowledge base – what you need to know by Kate Gregory

Once you’ve decided that a bid knowledge base is the way forward for your business, there are a few things you’ll need to consider when deciding on your next steps. Start a system The key to good knowledge management is ease of access. The system used for storing, managing and sharing the information can be…

The benefits of a good knowledge base

The benefits of a good knowledge base by Kate Gregory

Picture the scene: it’s two hours until your bid deadline, you know you’ve previously written a piece that would perfectly answer the question in front of you – but you can’t remember which bid it was for. All you can do is flick back through recent bids and hope to stumble across it – not…

Are tenders worth the effort?

Are tenders worth the effort? by Sarah Heyes

If you’ve never tendered to the public sector before, you might be wondering whether it’s worth it. Sure, tenders can require a lot of time and effort, and you’ll feel like you’re having to jump through a lot of hoops. Yet, even though it can be frustrating and at times all-consuming, here’s five reasons why…

And the winner is… (how to write a winning award entry)

And the winner is... (how to write a winning award entry) by Sarah Heyes

We’re halfway through the award season and we’ve been busy writing entries for our clients (and ourselves). We talk to lots of companies who would like to enter awards but don’t know where to get started. Here’s our response to the top three questions we get asked: What are the benefits?  Awards are a great…

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